Thinking of moving over to SNG from cash

    • mute20
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      I am wondering what i should expect when i move over and what kind of hud stats i should use. I know the swings are a lot bigger depending on the format so what kind of brm should i have for each type. I am thinking of playing 9/6 mans, but i might try other variants if i could get some insight from experienced players. I played mostly 6 max hlhe and some plo. Also if anyone has some good videos i could watch i will have silver in a few days so you can post those also.
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    • WhiteWalker
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      In terms of BRM you can get away with fewer buy ins in the STT's as you will find that you are ITM a greater percentage of the time compared to 45-90 and 180 man sit n go's. ICMizer is a great training tool to consider push fold strategy, play a few STT's below your bankroll (100 buy ins generally) and study the push fold ranges. It helps a tonne, I think Poker Strategy ICM Trainer is useful but only for STT's as it does not have the format for MTT SNG's.

      I will not give advice on the games you should player as I am a microstakes player who doesn't have a large enough sample to say anything for sure. I will say that the 45/90/180 micros are unbelievably soft still however, with a few regs. Check twitch @Chillin_Dude. He is grinding through 180 man rebuys and KO's which he says are rediculously soft. He is grinding $100 to $100,000 and is currently at $11,000.

      Hope this helped.
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      You could ask Collin Moshmanin his coaching that starts in less than a hour what kind of advise he gives to you about SNG’s. He could give you a lot of good advices I think.