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My account lock since 1-2years due to attacked of bonus abuser and use me for fund transfer

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    • GoOnCal1
      Joined: 22.01.2015 Posts: 590
      How long do I have to play at poker stars before some-one wants to put money in my account?
    • bettingstation
      Joined: 30.12.2009 Posts: 125
    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
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      Originally posted by GoOnCal1
      How long do I have to play at poker stars before some-one wants to put money in my account?
      Hi, GoOnCal1,
      I'm guessing that no one will ever want to "put money in your account" unless there is some reason to do so.

      Also please see our forum principles.
      In particular see:
      Rule 3: No advertising / commercial offers of any kind

      • It is prohibited to post requests or offers of private transfers of money.
      Best regards,
    • GoOnCal1
      Joined: 22.01.2015 Posts: 590
      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for writing.

      Two people using the same account is totally forbidden.

      PokerStars is happy for friends, relatives, and acquaintances to play at the same tables as each other. However, when you do so, you are expected to play just as competitively against your friends as you would against any other player, and you must not share any information about the cards that you hold with them or make any playing agreements in secret (doing so is collusion, which is strictly prohibited).

      The relevant section of our terms of service is section 5.4 and can be found on our website at:

      "5.4. COLLUSION. Collusion between Users by sharing hole cards or by any other methods is strictly forbidden. PokerStars reserves the right, in addition to other measures, to restrict seating and/or to prohibit Users from playing at a particular poker table or in a tournament, including restricting two or more Users from playing together at the same table or in the same tournament. In addition, PokerStars reserves the right to consider any collusion between players (including Users) as a material breach of this Agreement and accordingly PokerStars shall have the right to terminate a User's account if a User engages or attempts to engage in any such activity, regardless of the outcome of such attempt."

      Please also keep in mind our card room rules and our tournament rules when playing. These can be found at:


      If you have an agreement to share a bankroll, stake, or split profits with your friend, then in the interest of game integrity you must not play at the same cash game table or in the same Sit & Go tournament.

      Players who live in the same household, whatever their relationship, must not play at the same cash game table or in the same Sit & Go tournament with 45 players or less. In some cases, this restriction will be imposed automatically by the game software. This restriction does not apply to scheduled Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) or 2-player heads-up matches. In MTTs, due to the large numbers of players, friends or relatives are unlikely to be seated next to each other. In heads-up matches, since there are only two players, the only person with whom you can share your cards with, is your opponent... not a good idea.

      However, PokerStars has now launched a special feature called Home Games : Home Games will allow Club Members to sit at the same table, even if they are playing from the same IP or shared location, in any type of game. One of the main features is to give all players the possibility to join a game from the same location.

      More details about Home Games can be found at:

      Please let us know if you have any other questions, and thank you for choosing PokerStars.


      Christian M
      PokerStars Support Team