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FullTilt: `remember table position` not working

    • pufarine
      Joined: 22.05.2010 Posts: 1,158

      I play HUSNG hyper on FTP. Few days ago there was an update and since then it seeems that the tables are not opening in the same position as the last one.
      Is it just me ? How could we solve this? thanks! :)
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    • altkiki
      Joined: 03.09.2009 Posts: 82

      having the same problem here. i have rearanged all my table positions for few times allready, they simply don't stay that way.
      it's really frustrating, coome oon, just rearanging all the tables each time i start a session is beyond RIDICULOUS.

      i tryed to look for anything helpfull in options menu or layout menu with no succes.
      pls help
    • altkiki
      Joined: 03.09.2009 Posts: 82
      so here's what i got so far:

      there is a way to save the position of the tables. you go to 'layout' (top right of any able). and click 'manage costum layouts...', there you can save a layout, give it a name and save it, that is after you positioned all your tables.

      so for instance if you normaly are 6 tabling, you:
      1. open your 6 tables
      2. position them
      3. go to layout - manage costum layouts - save current layout.

      you might think that would be enough, but actualy it isn't. here's what happened to me. i did all the things i described above, and than next time i opened all the tables there where still NOT in those positions i saved. to reposition them i have to go once again to 'layout' and from that menu i chose the name of the saved layout (wich normaly is smth like 'Layout1' if you don't give it a name yourself, it should be right above 'manage costum layouts...'). just click the name of the layout you saved, and only than all your tables will be put in those positions you want. you can do that after you opened all of your tables OR you can do that after opening every single table. is not a perfect solution but is still far easier than to rearange each table manualy every time you start a session.

      if anyone finds a better solution pls let us know.