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Epic of a Traveler [1st performance, 1st/730 = 180$]

    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66
      Hi everyone :f_biggrin: ,

      I´m Ray, french guy who have been playing poker for a while before taking a nearly 4 years break.

      I have been playing on and with RaysunS as nickname. After a few months playing seriously I started to get money and grow a (serious?) bankroll. From January 2011 and my first performance in a MTT (4th of 1000+ players) until july 2011 and the black friday I have put 6000€ on my bank account and had a 1100€ Bankroll :f_drink: starting from 0€ and some freerolls.
      I also went to a Heads Up show organized by and get busted in the final with AA. Here is the link, I´m the bowly guy who appears from the 24th minutes :

      I used to be against cashing in money so it has been a bit hard coming back from nothing on other rooms than fulltilt, which stays the more comfortable to me. I have win a bit more money on other french rooms but could never acclimate myself to pokerstars for example. I have to admit that I have not try that hard and I´m just playing very very very loose on that room... And I don´t know why.
      I stopped playing during 3 years and a half because I started travelling the world. And I´m still oversea. I have been livig in New Zealand, sailing through Pacific and many beautiful islands and finished castaway in Australia. I went to live in Belfast for a while to get some money back and get to see my family. And then I have been lving in an island in Brazil during the football world cup before going to Argentina... Long story short, I´m never staying long enough in a place to play poker seriously and there are many nicer things to see than you computer screen during 10 hours or more a day.

      I always wanted to go back to poker to see if it was a lucky period or if there was something more than beeing a luckbox.
      So here I am, playing an argentinian eeepc with a part of the screen broken, with a free internet connexion offered by the antena installed above my building and which seems to be the reason of my many headaches... This is not the most comfortable but well, you know, it could be worst.

      I will try to be a serious blogger and a serious player. I went back to the basics, reading articles at the moment, and I really needed it. I start this blog to get motivated to play seriously and to take part of the Get Rich Or Die Tryin´ promotion.

      I will play on under the nickname Ray Fluke, and I´m starting with 36.71 $ and hope to get as fast as possible to a 1000$ Bankroll. Though I don´t feel it as to be that fast, and I will be cashing out at least half of any big performance.
      I might play on Pokerstars as well under the same nickname. My bankroll there is : 6$. Though my internet connexion works better with fulltilt...

      Sorry for this long introduction, I will try to put hands that I have doubts about and big move as well.
      Sorry for my english, it is not my maternal tongue.

      Wish you luck at the tables,
      See you soon :s_biggrin:

      I will be very happy to hear about you advices to run that blog and my Bankroll, this is the very first time I´m writing and am very keen to hear your opinions.
      Thanks a lot for reading.
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,083
      Hey RayFluke,

      Welcome to the 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' bankroll challenge. we will be looking forward to your first update which you should post by Monday of each week in Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge - Reporting thread.

      As an Aussie, I'd have to say that being castaway in Australia would be a good thing :coolface:

      Have fun :gl:

    • teddypoker
      Joined: 29.05.2007 Posts: 3,895
      Hi RayFluke,

      Tx for joining our BR challenge and wish you to reach as fast your possible your goals, and who knows, maybe in the future you will have again the chance to play and beat Patrick Antonious :gl:

      Hope that you will find in our community all the things necessary to crush again the limits :)
    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66
      Thanks for the welcoming Lazza61 and teddypoker.
      I wish to play Patrick Antonius one day, the guy who won against me (33 against my AA) has lost easily in final. And get busted a month later for the next show because he had a flush with 4 cards... I´m a bit sour when thinking about it haha.

      Well being castaway in Australia is not that bad. But up north, at 1000kms from Darwin, 700kms of durt road, bush (snakes, buffalos and other nice wild animals),desert, 3 rivers (that you can only cross at the right season) to the first big city might not be the best place to arrive... It was in Gove, Nulunbuy.
      But well, good memories in the end haha.
    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66
      Hi !!! :f_biggrin:

      Sooooo, today´s title would easily be : How to lose 5 dollars because of your internet connection !
      Playing low limits MTT´s is sometimes a bit hard due to the weird moves you can sometimes see, but it still easy money if you play well. I´m not sure to play well enough yet but am clearly not helped by my internet.

      I have been playing few tournaments on fulltilt :

      [*] 1000 dollars guarantees, buy in : 2,5$
      [*] The Daily dolar, buy in : 1$
      [*] The Get Rich Or Die Tryin, buy in : 0,5$, I re-entered 1$
      [*] The Velociraptor, buy in : 2,5$ I got sick of my internet so I couldn´t be bothered re-enter it.

      I basically went out really fast on the 1000 guaranted but when I´m saying we can see some really (really really) strange moves there, I saw for example at the begining of the tournament an UTG+1 raising 4 blinds (800), MP1 raising him to 1800, and UTG+1 pushing all in with 6500. MP1 called his :Kh: :Ks: and UTG+1 shown :Kd: :7c: ...

      Anyway, I had a few hands that I missed in the daily dollar, with potentially big pot. For example an :Ad: :7d: with two :diamond: at the flop that lead to nothing as the third diamond did not arrive, and vilain to show down :8d: :9d:
      I went up on that tournament with :9s: :9h: against :6s: :6c: but could do nothing about the blind raising and busted not far from the bubble.

      In the get rich or die Tryin´ I played a few interesting hands :

      I had to split the pot with :As: :Qd: against :Kh: :Jd: with my :Ax: on the flop as a flush with a :5x: river arrived.
      I have lost money with that hand :

      Hero (BU) Stack 5275

      Pre Flop: Hero has :Td: :Ts:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, MP+2 limps 300, fold, fold, Hero raises to 1200 , fold, BB calls, MP+2 calls

      Flop: (pot : 3975, 3 players) :3h: :Jd: :Qd:

      BB checks, MP+2 checks, Hero raises 1050, BB raises 2100, MP+2 folds, Hero folds.

      Here I wanted to bet to see where I was, but afterward I started to think it would have been better to check as well as against two players I´m in trouble with a call or a raise from one of them. And I commit myself if the turn opens a straight. What do you think about it ?
      It was still early in the tournament, I finally busted with AK beaten by 99 preflop.
      I re-entered and finished ITM (:Qd: :Qh: >:6d: :6c: and :Ks: :Kd: >:Jh: :Jd: >:Ah: Q:) , out at the 26th place with :As: :Ts: against :Jx: :Kx: and two low :spade: at the flop, I was short stack and went all in preflop anyway. He touched T and K turn and river.

      In the Velociraptor I have lost my connexion and when I could come back I was playing with less than 13BB, pushed :Ax: :Qx: in Middle Table, vilain had :Ax: :Ax: at the button.

      I finish my day with 5$ down on my tiny bankroll, get payed once, 1,1$ and get 1$ bonus.

      I´m sorry :sorry: about the form of the hands on the blog, I am not playing with a tracker and could not download the historial. I will be happy to get advices on how to present them and any feedback on the blog and the hands.

      Thanks for reading :f_biggrin: :gl:
    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66

      On the sailing boat near Tonga Islands. It was the start of the trip, we seemed happy haha
    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66

      Snowboarding at the top of a volcano in New Zealand !!
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,640
      I’m not sure on with sites you’re playing, but you can always check the thread How to use the hand discussion forums for more information how to post hands here.

      If you have still some questions how it works you can always ask it.
      Further I wish you all the best with playing all kind of tournaments :gl:

    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66
      Thanks a lot SDK1987. I am playing essentially on I will have a look and find out how to post it properly.

      Hi everyone,

      I started my day with a 0,25cts satellite to a 2,5$ 500 guaranted with 2 entries. We were 40 playing it and finally 5 places were offered plus 3 cashed places. I finished 6th and won 1,09$. I inverted 1$ with 2 rebuys and an add on.

      I anyway played that tournament at 2,5$ and 500 guaranted on I finished payed but out at the bubble of the final table. 10th out of nearly 250 players.
      I doubled up quickly with :Th: :9s: on a :Qx: :Qx: :Tx: flop, my opponent at the CO had raise 2 BB preflop an made a continuation bet on that flop at 7BB. I called and he had :6x: :6x: . I saw him doing saw earlier and felt it was exactly the same situation.
      At 19 players left I have lost a big big pot because of my internet connexion. I had :Kx: :Kx: on a :2x: :Qx: :4x: flop and couldn´t keep playing because of this %&##$ internet... I would have been in the three first player at 18 left.
      I then had to push :Qx: :Jx: at the CO to be called by QQ. I touched my flush runner runner. Luckbox.
      6,41$ is what I won, far from the 133$ allowed to the winner.

      I played later on the usual 2,5$ with 1000$ guaranted and went out, again, really fast with :Kx: :Kx: < :Jx: :Jx: which touched a flush...

      On the daily dollar I double up few hands after the start of the tournament with KK vs K7s preflop and went out not far from the bubble with :Ah: :Kh: against :6x: :6x: preflop. Nevermind. Lost 1$.

      Same on the get rich or die tryn´, I went out with a flush against a full. Invertion was 0,5cts.

      I finished my day with a 31,81$ bankroll. I will need to play more but it will have to wait a bit more for that. I would like to be more precise with my bankroll. My bankroll management doesn´t exist as I just do not have enough yet and am expecting getting well paid soon as I´m ITM quite often.

      Thanks for reading =)
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,640
      Nice story of today. Hopefully you get everything sorted out and otherwise I will try to help you.

    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66
      Thanks again, your links have been helpful, just need to look at it properly =)
    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66
      Hi everyone,

      So today, I have been playing a bit and gambling a LOT.
      I had the chance to play on a good computer and with a good connexion as well, which is very comfortable compared to what I use to play with :f_mad:

      I played a 2,5$ with 500$ guaranted, played quite well and did not have to enter in the push or fold phase until late. I went up and down quite a few times. A :3x: :6x: of at the SB with few limpers helped me a lot as I hited the flop :Qx: :3x: :6x: . Button had :Qh: :Kh: . He did the job for me.
      I pushed at the bing blind a :4x: :9x: on a flop 243 with 4 limpers. Unfortunatly someone had a :5c: :6c: and the other :4x: I touched river did not save me.

      I played at the very last moment the Daily Dollar (I was finishing Dexter season 5 hehe :f_thumbsup: ) and had to push :8x: :8x: ... Bing blind had :Ax: :Ax: and my 20% preflop did not save me.

      I runned really really well on the Velociraptor, 1032 players were in, the 2000$ prizepool guaranted were very very attractive and more than 500$ would have arrive to the winner. I finished 23d.
      My main hand was that one :

      Really nice to see and permitted me to get to the top 25 just before the bubble (a bit more than 100 players left).
      I won 8,48$. Which is okay considering I have a very low bankroll.

      I guess I am playing alright. Quite tight, and am getting paid almost every day (am only playing 4 or 5 tournaments a day). But, today I have been gambling. Playing 4 SNG HU at 1$ and I have lost them all. I use to have an edge 3 years ago as I worked a lot that kind of game, but it seems I have lost it and need to work on it again, from the begining. This is really frustrating.
      I have been playing 3 Jackpot tournaments (3 players and a turbo structure), I won one but have lost the two others, and one at 10$ to the winner.

      I finish the day with a bankroll of 29,29$ thanks to the velociraptor. I would have been above what I started the challenge with few days ago if i would not have gamble and lost 7$.

      I had a look at my statistics and realize I´m a bloody fish and lost most of the positive I had hardly learned 3 years ago.

      The profit is wrong though, but the ROI is making me really sad even if it is not that terrible.
      I still have to improve a lot.

      To finish on a positive point, I had the occasion to play a freeroll as my "volume" permitted me to be Bronze on We were 1800+ and a hundred would win a 5$ ticket to play ring games. I finished within those 100 and earned it :s_biggrin:
      It might sound like a really poor performance (I have to admit that more than half of the players did not even connect to play it) but those 5$ represent almost 20% of my Bankroll and they are really welcome :welcome:

      Thanks for reading.
      See you soon !! :f_grin:
    • RayFluke
      Joined: 04.05.2015 Posts: 66
      Hi everyone, :f_biggrin:

      So here I am, back after few days without editing the blog.
      I kept playing, not a big volume and without being extraordinary at all, far from it haha:f_mad:
      I slowly but surely lost my Bankroll, from 25$ to 5% before finishing almost broke.

      I finished payed on a 25cts (what I had left) that allowed me to go back around 5$ and to lose everything back, being officialy broke that time.

      I really had a downswing during those two last weeks and that was the first time that it happened to me (and that it affected me that much). A´s broken preflop, coin flip during which I was favorite that I lost, the one I was behind that I would stay behind. Negative wave and that was not agreeable at all !

      I then had to concentrate on a few freeroll and finished 2nd out of more than 700 players and won a few 3,75$.

      It permitted me, yesterday, to invert on the Daily Dollar on, that I won 5h30 later. :f_thumbsup:
      I cracked the :Ax: preflop with :Kx: :Kx: but I played quite well, I think, all along the tournament (by beeing in front of my opponents the few times I had to push).
      I doubled up just before the finale table, and started it 6th out of 9. A player went out on the first hand.

      I then had the chance to wait good cards and get to 3 left being confortably second. The third played aggresively and I have lost quite a lot against him on a few hands. I then played aggresivly and went back to be first and eliminate my two opponents without it beeing too too hard.
      I probably had an edge in Heads up and had much more than the other one, it helped a lot.

      In the end : 180$, a new Bankroll (80$ cashed out though) and the chance to play with a proper Bankroll Management concentrating myself on MTT, where am clearly more at my ease.

      Little screenshot to immortalize that :f_thumbsup:

      See you soon fishes and fisher(wo)mans :f_tongue:
    • FlyingDutchm1n
      Joined: 21.08.2012 Posts: 437
      Wow I really like this blog will definitely keep following GL
    • SvenBe
      Joined: 19.04.2006 Posts: 13,531
      He RayFluke,

      thx for posting about your comeback! But also: come back! Where have you been? Spending all at once or taking it slowly?
      What is the biggest tournament win you ever scored?

      Please give us also an update here:
      Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge - Reporting thread