PKR trying to win me back now making me feel like a bad player

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      Hey everyone :)

      Just dropping by to congratulate PKR on their initiative. I got free $10 there using PokerStrategy, cleared the bonus pretty quickly and ended up giving them what should account to over $50-100 in rake in one week before I decided to withdraw everything in my account (around $30).
      I was left with $1 (which then went down to $.03), no bonus left to clear, and no tickets besides the Premium freerolls.

      This was around 1.5 weeks ago. Right after I confirmed the withdraw I uninstalled PKR and went on with my life. And today I receive an email out of nowhere telling me I'm suddenly a Club Member. My account was granted with 5000 PKR Points that I wasted in tournament tickets, one of which went to waste right away when I started defending my Big Blind against shoves with Q7s.
      The other one is a Stages ticket for a tourney in around 1 hour from now.

      Either way, even though I'll probably fail the opportunity to re-build a bankroll miserably (unless I make it up the Stages somehow) it's a pretty cool initiative to win back player :f_drink:
      I mean, I won't deposit there again, for a few reasons (I'm switching 100% to NetBet soon + my computer overheats while running PKR) but you got me to reinstall the software and now I'm considering enjoying the Freerolls I have the right to.

      Well done :f_cool:
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