Equilab Card removal – blocking cards AA vs AA?

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      Hi, braveslice,
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      Try this:
      :diamond:   In MP2 put AhTh+
      :diamond:   In MP3 put ATs+
      :diamond:   Click the card selection button (the 1st in the row of buttons on the left)
      :diamond:   Verify that "display card removal" is checked
      :diamond:   Note that in the MP2 grid, the colour is darker than in the MP3 grid.

      After trying this myself, I noticed that the "display card removal" checkbox has no effect -- the colour is always darker when cards are removed.

      Ah -- now try this:
      :diamond:   In MP2 put AhAs
      :diamond:   Don't put anything in MP3, just click the card selection button.
      :diamond:   UN-check the "display card removal" option
      :diamond:   Click the AA -- note that it says 6 combos and is light blue.
      :diamond:   Click AA again to clear it, and check the "display card removal" option again
      :diamond:   Click AA again -- now it correctly says 1 combo, and even puts the correct combo in the "Selected range" box.

      I'm glad you asked -- I had never noticed this before.

      I see you've been around a while -- have you never taken one of the free money offers?

      All the best,