Hello everybody!!

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      Hi my felow poker lovers. I am a new player member at PokerStrategy.

      I am from Croatia, 30 years old and I have been playing poker for 3 months now. Before that didn't know what was cbet so total begginer, but I got familiar with online poker back in 2005 played a bit but nothing seriously. Damn right :f_biggrin:
      But any time is a good time to start something new so here I am.

      Wanted to play full time poker as my only income source but things r not going so fast as I was thinking of course. 1st 2 months went great, I experienced the best of poker, started with 50E very soon advanced to nl10 and for the last month I was struggling and going from nl5 to nl10 weekly. Had to make a couple of cashouts so that also efected my move up. Today I am starting to work as a Chef in a restorant, part time only evening hours from 19-23 for a full time sallary, it is an offer i couldn't refuse and it's gonna help me a lot cause I don't have to touch my bankroll anymore.

      I play CG 6max on Hive network at the moment and wanted to add one or two new networks. I played around 300k hands so far, putting a huge volume, playing 4-6 tables so I can learn faster and doing almost everything that all the other people before me did to be successful in this game. Now I want to cut down the volume of playing and add more off table work cause I am running really bad at the moment.

      That's it from me so far, looking forward to join hand/strategy disscusions. Good luck at the tables everyone. :f_drink:
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