My last way to beat limit holdem poker (FL blog)

    • irik83
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      my name is Jirka and I am from czech. In our czech community is too little active members in my disciplines so i decided that I create blog here in EN community. But here is a big problem - my english is so terrible that i dont know if I can do it. So here I am and please be pacient with me :) This blog could have two meanings - improve my english and improve poker skills.

      If you will see any mistakes or poorly worded sentence, correct me pls :)

      In next post I will write something about my poker history, my poker skills, which level play etc :f_drink:
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    • SDK1987
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      Nice that you started a FL blog on the English community as well :f_thumbsup:
      What kind of limits you’re currently playing?

      Further I wish you al the best to beat the FLHE tables :gl: