Hyvää Juhannusta 2015!

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    • ultrac
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      It's Finnish corner, but is there a chance of translation those strips? :f_rolleyes:
      I like comic strips and I don't understand those :f_cry:

      I checked Hyvää Juhannusta meaning :f_cool:
    • NutzAreOk
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      Originally posted by ultrac
      I checked Hyvää Juhannusta meaning :f_cool:

      First one is Juhannus in theory & in practice.

      The second one is kind of hard to explain to someone who don`t understand Finnish because there`s kind of double meaning in the comic. Basically the couple is thirsty and they want drinks. The word "juhannussimaa" means Juhannus drink but if you put it in the pieces "juhan" and "nussimaa" it means "fucked by Juha. :f_biggrin: . Then the seller ask from this guy named Juha to give them two portions.