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      Hey all,

      I just found this forum after a little research about people who got hacked on their skrill account.

      I do not play poker, my business is sports betting and on Wednesday night (00:51h) my skrill account got hacked for the first time. They ripped me 500€. Unfortunately I had no time to check my mails until Wednesday evening so I was not able to escalate this topic earlier to skrill.

      While I was watching tv on Wednesday afternoon, I got 2 mail pushups on my mobile which told me that I send some money. I couldn’t believe that.
      Someone stole me another 400€ and 32mins later another 381€. So all in all I am missing 1301€.

      The 3 transactions have been send to 3 different accounts.
      500€ 17.06.2015 00:51
      420€ 17.06.2015 20:48
      381€ 17.06.2015 21:20

      I took the last money on my acc and send it to a person I trust in, then I changed my password and wrote an email to skrill because they had no hotline at this time.

      The next day (I’m from Germany) I called Skrill at 11 o clock German time and explained my topic. Some minutes later I received an email with some things to do. Change password, email, send identity conformation etc.

      As well I send them a document where I named the transaction codes and some other details about the security of my computer. I’m very accurate with my personal data, change pw's nearly every 3 months, my computer is secure etc.

      From 11 o’clock to 13 o’clock skrill and I had a good correspondence- after 13 I did not hear anything from skrill. Today, again at around 11 oclock (19.06.201) I called skrill Germany again.

      The hotline guy said something like "mhh no one worked on this.." .."I will send you an email".

      Okay, some minutes later I got an email where he told me skrill will deliver me an "answer" within 24 hours...again some minutes left I got the last transaction (381€ 17.06.2015 21:20) back on my account. Further was written that the two other transactions are lost.

      Unlucky for me, I’m upset about the time from Wednesday 13:00 until today around 12:00 because after my second call skrill was very fast. Now I’m thinking about what would have happened if they would have been so fast yesterday....

      All in all I lost 920€, huge amount for me, I have to pay my vacation and therefore I "saved" my money on skrill.

      Skrill told me that I should go the police, what I will do today or let’s say, what I already did. In Germany we can do the first step by mail, now I wait for the response of my police department.

      But to be honest, I don’t have any hope to get my money back..
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      Do you use Skrill security token?
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      Originally posted by DannyD1991
      I just found this forum after a little research about people who got hacked on their skrill account.
      Hi, DannyD1991,
      Welcome to

      So sorry to hear about this.

      I hope that you will get your money back eventually.

      Just on the off chance that it was your computer that was compromised, and not theirs, I suggest that you ensure that you've done (at least) the following:

      :diamond: Use strong passwords, and if practical use a password keeper, rather than let apps or browsers auto-log-in especially where money is involved.
      :diamond:   Keep your security patches up to date -- especially on android devices.
      :diamond:   Install anti-malware -- not just anti-virus, but one that eliminates tracking cookies and spyware.
      :diamond:   Use a firewall, and set it so you must verify each out-going connection the first time it's used -- if you trust it, allow it always. This way, almost no malware can gain access outside your computer without your knowledge.
      :diamond:   Keep backups of all your data, and refresh them regularly.
      :diamond:   Never give anyone your password, nor allow anyone to use your machine while you yourself are logged in even if you do not give them the password.
      :diamond:   Never open unsolicited email, nor follow links in emails without first ensuring their validity
      :diamond:   Encrypt sensitive data

      That's not a complete list, but it's good to get started with.

      Best of luck,
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      No not yet because until Thursday Morning I havent known about "token"
      Im not a VIP Member because I do not use Skrill often enough, I have money on my Bookies and another part @ skrill (I had lol) but I dont send that much money to be a VIP.