Improving and moving up the stakes!

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      Hello everybody!

      I am a fellow poker player who wants to play this game and improve my poker skills so i can move up the stakes. I am making this thread so i can track my results and maybe get some feedback. My goal is to improve as a player and move up the limits. NL50 would be my goal where i want to be but its a long way ahead. But i will fight for it. Im not good player yet but im trying to improve and that is what matters most.

      I've played bit of NL2 sh zoom and now im playing NL5 sh zoom as my results were decent and i grinded up some $ for my roll.
      Results from NL2 zoom

      Now my BR is at 114$ and i have bonus coming soon so it will add up to my balance.

      BRM(will be playing with 30 BI's):
      100$ - NL5
      300$ - NL10
      750$ - NL25
      1500$ - NL50

      So thats it! Good luck!
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