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Pokerstars Bonus Winning Withdrawal Issue

    • Pokrbro
      Joined: 23.03.2015 Posts: 20
      Hey guys, from march to april there was Promotion.
      Just read the 1st paragraph,it's contradicting to their response to me...

      I got lucky and on first deposit of 10$ i got 200$.Proceeded to deposit 3 more times until the promotion was over getting 260$ total.
      I requested withdrawal at 12th may 2015,and didn't get any info either from pokerstars or my bank.
      I contacted pokerstars yesterday and they first initiated the transfer saying its successful,and then its canceled.
      I got on few mails with the support and this is the latest they sent me:

      "After a routine review of your latest cashout it has come to our attention that all of the funds came directly from a bonus credit to your account.
      All bonus credits deposited to your account are intended for play, and are not permitted to be cashed out without significant play.
      In this case, your cashout has been cancelled and the funds have been returned to your account."

      "Whilst there is no set criteria on how each cashout request is reviewed, each case is assessed separately with consideration given to the origin of the funds, and subsequent playing activity. We do require that you use PokerStars for its intended purpose which is poker.
      Players are welcome to cashout their winnings, however, a cashout of directly deposited funds or bonuses cannot be approved."

      Now you tell me,based on the link above,how the hell i could have known this.Basicly to me its just deceptive marketing and deposit bating.
      So if i win 200$ something on bonuses i need to win 200$ to be able to withdraw ?
      What if someone got 1mil on the bonus roll?He wouldnt be able to cashout for lifetime.
      After i withdraw 12th may 2015 i continued playing micro stakes and few spin n goes,but still it seems i need to earn the bonus myself then i can withdraw it...
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,513
      Hi, Pokrbro,
      You're right, it is not spelled out in the original promo page.

      I'm sure you recognize that all of the terms and conditions could not possibly be included on a promo page -- but I think that at the very least they should have a link to the applicable terms and conditions.

      Have you read PokerStars' terms and conditions?

      If not, it might be wise to do so and prevent a similar misunderstanding in future.
      In the main ToC is a link to their cashout policy which I did not read, but I'm guessing has some language in there that applies.

      Enjoy your new bankroll for a couple of months, and try again.

      Best of luck,
    • Pokrbro
      Joined: 23.03.2015 Posts: 20
      Yea replied 6 times,and on last time they apologized i can withdraw it.