From Online To Live Cardroom - Any Advice

    • paulyrock888
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      only been playing/practising online for free online for about 6 weeks and had my first live game today in a live cardroom - felt really intimidated/ out of place with the flow of things and had to be corrected by the dealer a few times on checking and other things - Should I forget about the live games for a few more months and keep practising online and studying the rules/strategy?

      Any advise appreciated
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    • TJtheTJ
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      Hi paulyrock888,

      All I can say is that it'll get easier and more comfortable over time. It's only natural to be nervous the first time you actually play live, if you're only used to playing online. So just keep at it and I'm sure you'll be fine in no time :)

      And if you're still not comfortable because you're not familiar enough with the rules or your own strategy, you can of course put live play on hold for a while and just try again later. No harm or shame in that at all.

      Hope that helps :)

    • WhiteWalker
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      Hi Paul, I work as a dealer and can tell you not to worry about it. I have to help players with game flow and rules all the time, it is not something anyone should be making you feel bad about.

      As a dealer, I feel the most important rules are acting in turn and calling bets or raising them. These rules are generally universal and if a casino's card room is strict you will get penalties but this is just for the fairness of other players as acting out of turn can be a real angle sometimes.

      A dealer should let you know when it is your time to act, if you are not sure ask; we're here to help haha.
      Importantly, when betting if you throw one chip in this is universally recognised as a call. Even if you throw in a chip which is worth 50x that of the original bet it will be a call so often it can be useful if you want to raise to throw two chips in or simply state the amount before you put the chip in.

      Live poker is great and a lot of fun, do not be intimidated but just enjoy the game and ask the dealer if you are ever unsure.