Should a beginner buy tracking software?

    • rrm707
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      Hey guys,

      Recently I got into poker, and you read alot online about pokertracker, hold'em manager2 etc.. you get it.

      now the software costs about $55 - $120

      I was wondering what you guys think,
      should a beginner just read as much as he can about poker, play alot of hands, earn with that enough money to buy tracking software and then start tracking.

      Or would it be wise to get tracking software from the beginning on?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Originally posted by rrm707
      Or would it be wise to get tracking software from the beginning on?
      Hi, rrm707,
      Welcome to!

      My suggestion would be to be sure to save all your hand histories, whether you buy or not.
      That way, when you do buy, you can import them to have a complete record.

      I recommend not buying a tracker to start with.
      Rather use the early stages to focus on the game itself.
      Start with the section on Poker Basics in the Strategy section
      Alternate between reading and playing.

      Then move on to follow the lesson plan in No Limit Hold'em lessons overview.

      By the time you've finished that you'll have an idea whether you like the game or not.

      If you like it, and you've enjoyed it, then by all means buy a tracker -- or at least take advantage of the 30-day trials for each of HM2 and PT4.

      Although free trackers do exist, they have no where near the features and support provided by those two.

      Also, be sure to check out the free money offers.

      All the best,
    • rrm707
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      Thank you for your advice!
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      I also don't suggest to buy 50$+ tracker when you play 2NL~5NL.

      I suggest jivaro still,you should be used to fandamental stats.