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      Hi all,

      Have asked this question in a particular topic but would like to share this with as money as possible:
      In the 'Strategy' lessons there is one section about 'Equity' and one topic states the following:

      Step 3: Calculate your equity against your opponent's range

      Since you are holding QQ in this spot, you have 47% equity against your opponent's range (JJ+, AK). That is more than the required equity of 40%, so you should call.

      Is there a way to calculate these 47% approximately without using equilab? If not, is there be a table with the most common examples where you just memorize how much equity you have against your opponent's range?

      Someone has already answered me by using 'Equilab' (thanks a lot and I will definitely take your advice!). However, I've been searching so long for this, that I am desperate to have some other people's thinking.

      Thank you very much in advance!
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