SryImNoob - A new beginning - Improving my english and poker .

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      Hi, creating a blog today to put my goal on ''paper'' and achieve them.

      I have been playing poker since my 18 and now im 25, my cousin introduce me to this game, he was a nl100 fr grinder so i followed his lead in that direction, I climbed my way to nl25fr and face a wall. I couldnt beat this limit probably because I was 16 tabling and wasnt working my game.

      now I'm back after a 2 year break and I want to climb again and this time not face that wall :f_biggrin: .

      I'm playing on pstar nl2fr , my goal is to be in nl10 by the end of july. Started with my remaining 3$ and now im at 55+-

      that's all for today.

      thx for reading

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