Advice requested on KJo from BB

    • rrm707
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      Hey guys, I'm looking more into analysing my hands focussing mainly on pre-flop since that's my weak spot atm.

      Kc Jd from the big blind, everybody called BB --> I checked the bb with KJo since it's not such a great hand.
      this was a 5/10 NL cash game ( playmoney), but what would you'r advice be.

      Is it better to raise under those conditions with KJo, or just check?
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    • Dadramel
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      It is unlikely to find spot with only limpers while playing fo real money. I mean playing for play money wont help u to improve your poker skills cuz even on micro stakes players respect their dollars.

      Nevertheless I'd raise always if faced with that kind of situation with KJo to avoid gambling