At what limit are there more strong players than fishy random players SH?

    • SalamiandCheese
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      I jumped up to .50/1 today after a week or so of learning and playing limit (bankrolled for higher still). After 3 one hour sessions 2-tabling I have to say that some the shit that goes on at .50/1 is ridiculous and maybe more random than .25/.50 -- but I can't complain since I'm ahead a bit so far and plan on continuing my online odyssey of online limit holdem.

      At what limit is the play not so consistently random?
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    • Waiboy
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      I can't answer your question as I've just introduced some FR .50/1 tables into my multitabling, but I'm with you in that level seems noticeably looser than FR .25/.5.

      Only tiny sample size at this stage tbh but early impressions are favourable!
    • opal99
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      I found 2/4 more reasonable but it's limit where you can find first real long time preflop maniacs (60/33) - by long time I mean players who use to play few times per week (1k-3k hands), not just one time BR busters...

      I like it the most, because it starts to look like poker game sometimes (it's quite possible to get 4/6 TAGs on 1 table) but there're still tons of fish :)

      My guess is, it becomes more serious on 5/T+, but fish can be found everywhere (I saw some video with 62/13/1.2 guy on 30/60)
    • adr0001
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      Does anybody know how are the players on Fulltilt .25/.50 SH compared to other sites? Theoretically .25/.50 should be softer on FT than on other sites because it's the lowest limit available. How many fish compared to TAGs are at this limit?
    • Yoghi
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      I dont know how it is compared to Stars, but you should be able to win at both :P