Gidid has ambitious goals

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      Moin from Hamburg,

      I am Gidid, 21, study Nanoscience and work as a croupier.
      My goal is to teach my self autodidactically the knowledge for NL25, earn the following amount and subsequently pay a professional coach to crack NL100+ in the long term.

      I purchased two WQHD-panels for my poker career (i will make some pics - when I find the time to clean my desk :f_cool: ). The resolution is high enough to tile 12 tables on one screen - on the second one I usually display my preflop charts, poker tracker and hand reviews.

      initial BR: $42.88
      targert BR: $1625.42

      The rocky road:
      • NL2 until $100
      • NL5 until $250
      • NL10 until $500
      • NL25 until the finish line

      on SH

      Important mindset: to make myself independent of the outcome of my sessions, I shouldn't have any expectations regarding the profit. A successful session is one that improves my decision making process in the long term. Poker is only one skill among others that I want to master. Therefore I dedicate my daily time to different areas (e.g. fitness, university, languages, social skills, ...) as well. Consequently a failure in one area won't affect myself much.

      current BR: $146.97

      results calendar week 42:

      12.5 BB/100
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