Smaller fee in turbo SNG, is it an advantage in the long run?

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      I am giving 888 a last chance, the rake on this site is absurd. I dont know if it's me or if 888 had turbo SNG all the time, but i realized today that there are actually turbo SNG on 888 just like on Pokerstars.

      I want to know if i am thinking right about this, because it feels wrong in some way. Then at the same time it seems logical that the smaller the fee the bigger edge do i get.

      Normal SNG 1dollar. Fee 0.15 dollar
      Turbo SNG 1dollar. Fee 0.1 dollar

      Logical my mind says that 0.1 dollar in fee is a huge advantage but then i know that the variance is bigger in turbo. NOW do i wonder if the variance is 1.5x in turbo than in normal becuase if it is then they are both the same in the long run?

      Lets say i play 1000 SNG
      Normal .15 x 1000= 150 dollar
      Turbo .1 x 1000= 100 dollar

      Total prize pool in normal 7.65 dollar
      """"" in turbo 8.05 dollar

      I really dont know how i shall calculate this. I would bet a large amount off money that 888 already have done those calculations, so its the same in the long run and then i am just leaving 888. Because the are charging 60% of my winnings over 500 games. Sad

      Please help me out here guys.
      And thanks in advance!!
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