Hello from Canada

    • chipvortex
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      Hi everyone
      I am the wife of Davidangel (Crazy Dave, as we call him here)
      I was the one who originally found him the site, but somehow he gets the Taf bonus! I picked up poker by osmosis (he talks alot) and he coaches me through the SnGs, so I haven't neded to post hands.
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    • bkbart
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      hello from BC
      good luck in the sngs
    • SoyCD
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      Hey chipvortex and welcome!

      Good to see that you are also posting - something I look forward to seeing more often :)

      On the topic of posting hands - it is not only useful for finding out how to play the hand more optimally - but also for thinking about your game and specific situations. So don't shy away from posting to perhaps hear some different opinions - or give your opinion on other peoples hands!

      Good luck at the tables!