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Random NL10 blog thingy

    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511

      I play No Limit Hold'em @ Poker Stars. My roll allows me to play NL10 6-max. Sometimes I play normal format just to get some fun from taking notes, but I realized that it takes too long time to collect many hands. Therefore I mostly play ZOOM.
      I'm pretty sure that I'm a winning poker player, but not a good one. That's the target - to be the top player at my stake.

      I'm a strong believer in that learning too much theory without practicing is a waste of time. It's sure needed, but overdoing that is just a "brain overkill". Therefore I play at least 80-90% of fime, but repeat the old stuff for the other 10-20% of my poker time. I've had that mystical "brain overkill", it's not fun. It's actully very hard to play, while knowing too much. Therefore, as a beginner, I just repeat old stuff, fundamentals (valuebetting, cbetting, ABC stuff). I plan to do so for at least two months, since it really takes time absorbing info and the only way I can do it, is by playing more poker.

      So, yeah. I read a few blogs arond here and decided to collect my own thoughs in a way. There is some interesting stuff I can learn about other people here in the blog section. I'm mostly interested how people deal with tilt, think about strategy and find fun in poker. As funny it may sound, but often times poker is just very frustrating. Finding a fun in it is a skill, IMO.

      I'll try to be a much non-results oriented as possible. My winrate might be somewhere between 3-9 bb/100, for all I know. This is big difference, but I can't know that, because of small sample size. Anyway it doesn't matter. What matters to me is that I am a better player, than I was a month ago and I'll try to keep that going.

      I remember reading a few blogs, where poeple write like: "This week I'm 10 bb/100. Cool, because last week it was 5 bb/100. Nice progress. I must be getting better." See the problem with that?

      Time for bed, peace!
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    • Anger86
      Joined: 17.08.2008 Posts: 511
      What's up!

      I was thinking, If I should be accepting a bankroll challenge here in PokerStrategy. It's called "Get Rich Or Die Trying". For now, I decided not to. I see far more disadvantages, than advantages. I think it's just purely tilt inducing and short term thinking. Posting weekly results - that's way too short time to have some constructive results. But as for a hype thing, I think it's great to have people posting and talking. :gl:

      My poker game.

      I clearly found out that playing 4 tables of ZOOM = tilt aka not defending blinds enough, not 3bet bluffing enough, etc. . 3 and less tables = OK.
      However I'm quite optimistic, that I can double my win-rate, if I'd play normal 6-max tables. If I play 4 tables of NL10, there will usually many notes after first 10 minutes of playing. :s_cool:

      I'm not sure what BI strategy should I use. When I play normal 6max I feel very confident in my reads and could take shots faster. When I play ZOOM, I feel like adding like 10 more BI's. I feel like 20 BI's could be OK for first shot at NL25 (non-ZOOM).
      At the moment I have ~ $400 in my bankroll. At $ 500, I might take a shot, if I feel very good about my game. Otherwise I might even go all the way to $1000. :appl: