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Why am I a losing player suddenly

    • PacnyTuH0
      Joined: 02.05.2007 Posts: 48
      Hi All,

      I'm in great need for help, since there is something seriously wrong with my game and I cannot seem find what it is. Last year I have been beating NL10-NL50 at a decent rate. Since the beginning of this year I have started a new job and was hoping to focus even more on improving my game, since I don't have to rely only on my poker income.

      So far, I have watched a lot of PS videos, mainly from w34z3l and been posting hands on 2+2, and I can definitely say that I'm a better player than before. Yet, my results seem to show otherwise. I guess I may be doing my analysis wrong as well. I don't think the micro limits have changed at all, so I should be beating them at an even better rate, right?

      So I would like to ask the community about suggestions of what shall I do to improve my game and winrate eventually. My aim is to get involved more in the community as well.

      How should I analyze my game/database?
      What shall I look for when analyzing?
      Shall I aim for optimal and balanced stats, instead of playing in my comfort zone?

      These are the main questions I thought of for now. I will post some recent stats later as well just to show an overview of my play.

      Any help will be much appreciated. I need to get out of this hole.


      PS. One reason could be that I'm heavily involved in Forex trading for some time now and my interest from poker has shifted towards other stuff. This is very possible, although I think my head is quite clear - however I could be wrong.
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    • teddypoker
      Joined: 29.05.2007 Posts: 3,895
      Hi PacnyTuH0,

      NL50 for sure got improve since last year but NL10-NL25 I don't think it increased in skill that much to be observed. There you still have 1-2 fish minimum at the table and very weak and exploitable regs.
      Depends also on what sample you have, you can run very often under EV for 100k hands period.
      My suggestion is:
      1. have a look here at this databased review videos, if you say that you saw from w34z3l I suggest to watch also Double2 find and repair ones and BogdanPS ones. Look what filters they put and how they are looking for mistakes.
      2.Be more active in the w34z3l academy, for the moment he is running this awesome project where he help almost all of the active guys there. In the near future we hope that more coaches will join this idea and start similar projects
      3.Open a blog and keep a track of your evolution. I'll show you this one as an example how should look a blog dedicated to game improvement: Get Rich or Die Tryin' The Bankroll Challenge - NL10 Blog bonecore
      4.create a list with all your questions and get 1-2 private coaching session from our coaches (this options only if you already watch all the suggested videos and still don't find a way how to self improve your game)

      Hope I was helpful, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask:s_drink:
    • Psderrr
      Joined: 05.04.2010 Posts: 111
      If you ran good for last year, then you might just have a distorted view of what a winrate looks like and what is actually your winrate.
    • bonecore
      Joined: 02.11.2009 Posts: 1,057
      Hi PacnyTuH0,
      -One possible thing is that the new info you have learned is not applied in correct spots even tough you feel you know more.
      -Another possible thing is that you can't get into the good mindset you had last year

      i had both problems last week. They were caused by me learning too much and playing too much. That is why I am in a break now because i was not thinking straight and now i am learning all day and redefining my game from scratch...
      also i started coaching a nl2 student, it helps... i offer myself if u want to be my coach
      skype session reviews with other players is usually good, i am already doing it with some players, you are welcomed to join

      Hope this helps. GL

      Sidenote: Thanks teddy for pointing my blog :D
    • mattyvx
      Joined: 15.04.2015 Posts: 493
      over what type of sample are we talking about?

      Maybe try watching some live play vids and thinking about your decision before the act, you can pause to consider why