[OFFICIAL Support Thread] PotOdds calculator V1.0

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      This program was made for players who are beginning to understand the basic concepts of poker in order to be a didactic program. In this case the concepts of Pot odds or Call odds.

      - Easy to use:

      1- [Pot $] Insert number of chips in the pot.
      2- [Bet $] Insert number of chips that we put in the pot.
      3- [Calculate] Click the button to see the result, for example 2-1.


      4- The number of the result are our Pot odds or Call odds which will tell us if it is profitable to call or fold.

      - The result can be compared to the table given below and clicking on mini buttons can see examples of outs.

      + Feedback, suggestions, corrections, testing (all served and I is helpful for future versions):

      -in Function examples outs would like to complete with minimal two examples with the most common plays that happen again and again. So help me good examples. (You can post a hand thread).
      -If there is some conceptual error please correct me.
      -I've tested several times soft and works well, many mistakes resolved with time commitment.
      -It was made for educational purposes and free download.
      -English-Language yet.
      -No installation required.
      -Allows Decimals.

      Certification of authorship

      Official page: http://www.potodds-calculator-v1.sourceforge.net
      Other thread: http://es.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php

      Last updates:

      -Change result = 2:1
      -Add new complete outs table
      -Shortcut key Enter = Calculate.

      [b][color=red]Important[/color]: please note that PokerStrategy.com does not take any responsibility for the software advertised in this thread. 
      We were not involved in the development and thus cannot guarantee the reliability or proper functionality of this software.
      You use the software described in this thread at your own risk.[/b]
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      Hello thebomb

      Thank you for presenting your poker tool. We allow users to present their tools as long as they are free of charge and allowed by our partners (or not excluded by them).

      We need to ask you to check out this thread and update your post with the disclaimer. Can you do that please?

      In terms of advertising poker tools that are paid, this needs to go through our admins, e.g (DonMB or Marta).

      Best regards,
    • thebomb
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      Ok, I'll read the thread! thanks for your notice. I will update this thread.

      a greeting!