Small Stakes SNG's on Party

    • Specialist23
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      So I got the 50$ starting capitol for Party Poker, and i figured I would build my bankroll by playing their SNG's. However the 1$ games are only Turbo (3min blinds) and the 3$ games are Speed (5min blinds) with 25% fee. The problem I am having is that this seems impossible to grind with 50$ capitol. The Turbo's are suicide and playing 3$ games is out of bankroll.

      Question is how would you suggest I go about this, i can attempt to learn SSS and grind the cash tables when I am bored. However, I am a SNG player and would rather stick to these.

      I play the $6.5 Turbo games on PokerStars, and have about 15% ROI over 1500 games, so I am pretty comfortable with the 5min blind SNG format.
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    • Hlynkinn
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      why are the turbos suicide?

      you'll just have a lower roi than in normal sng's since you'll be forced into shoving your chips into the middle in a more marginal situation than in normal sng's... But I still believe they're beatable... And with the the amount of donks on the $1 level and with some positive variance on the side you could easily maintain two digits roi% on the $1 turbos... but if you don't feel like it than sure learn SSS but if sng's are you passion go for it and beat the turbos :P
    • Freaky304
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      I also opened a thread on this subject and your absolutly right, took me a while to figure out why i was loosing so much while i was having an upswing on my other accounts. Solution: play sss or do like i do shove brm out the window for once and play the 3 dollar sng's i have a very high winrate there and it took me almost no time to match my br to the new limit (i'm almost there and just yesterday I was broke.

      @Hlynkinn: I don't know what level you play but if you do play the 1$ sng's on party and win there your good and if not try it, it really is madness
    • LuborC
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      I have played a couple of 1$s at Party and if you have 15% ROI on Stars 6,50$s you will beat those like nothing IMO. The rake is high but the competition is dumb enough to make up for it.
    • Specialist23
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      I know the players are horrible at 1$ level, but its 10man top 3 get paid, and 3minute blinds, you have to get insane luck to beat those, at least I think so.

      @Hlynkinn: My concern is not having to shove in marginal situations, its how often I will have to do this. Even if I am 70% to win every time, eventually I will lose. And from my experience so far, Party players don't fold, so I will have to win in at least 3 of these marginal situations just to make the money.
    • jmackenzie
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      the rake is just completly insane on low limit sng's at party so id advise do somethingelse or play at another site. Its pretty hard indeed to make a profit on the $1 turbo sng's when you have to pay an insane %30+ rake.
    • AugustusCaesar
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      I only played there because I sent my 50$ starting capital there .. Run it to like 120$ until I was able to cashout and I cashed out immediately, because the rakes are insane .. You have 2,4 + 0,6 SnG which means 25% rake .. On FullTilt for example, you have 2+0,25, which is only 12,5% rake !

      I actually enjoyed the 2,4+0,6 SnGs but the swings were tough for me as I used to play shorthanded cashgame where the game is not played preflop all the way.

      My advice - Don't play low BI SnGs on PartyPoker
    • haZardus
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      I got 15$ bonus on PartyPoker and got to 180$ only by playing SNGs. I mainly played 3$ and sometimes 6$. It's true that Party players are biggest donks ever, which means you're gonna have to except some bad beats like me yesterday JJ vs 72 preflop all-in with 77x flop. But they're beatable and you can profit real nice in longrun.