Can't login to partypoker

    • boringforme
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      Hello guys, woke up this morning and can't login to party poker.
      Simply pressing sign in button and nothing happens.
      This morning i turned off my firewall maybe thats some how have the deal with it.
      Also when im trying to sign in though website i can see where to write my login and password.
      Same in the client i cant request password to my email becouse the CODE which should appear just dont appear
      So im thinking maybe it's java problem or something like that I.D.K
      btw tried to uninstall and install again
      Thankyou for you help !
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    • lmr1983
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      same. so the problem still exists, at least im not alone with it
      i was not able to login. i tried to reinstall it but the status bar stops at 0%
      i was about to think about complete os reinstall :P

      there are some posts about it at 2p2 also (hope its not a problem mentioning the name :P )
      there the pp support guy told they have technical problems, but no further information i have

      you wer able to reinstall? i not :( :P
    • lmr1983
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      now i have been able reinstall and login
      this pp software is so ridicolous and internesting
      i done the cleanup steps recommended here in another topic, but reinstall only happened, when i choose a completely new directory as install location
      wow how deterministic and clever
      congratz to their it team :P
    • all4nothingelse
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      i just finished a 3 h session worked fine !