$EV - Pokerstars 9man STT

    • legomanth
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      Is HM2 calculating $EV and even cEV correctly on Pokerstars with the antes structure? I am curious because on Fulltilt I get around 10% roi but here I am BE(cEV) and even below ($EV). While I am running on +$
      Here is my cEV graph so far.
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    • SDK1987
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      I’m not sure how they calculated $ev in 9 mans SNG’s. That must be pretty complicated and have my doubts is useful information, but I’m no expert on this.

      Maybe the HM2 supporter can help you with it. So I have moved the thread for you to the HM2 board.

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    • netsrak
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      In general EV calculation should work but its hard to proof it for every tournament type and structure.
      So i would be careful to make any conclusions based on the EV.

      You should check the EV for single tournaments to check whether its correct or not.