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    • kajtez
      Joined: 22.07.2015 Posts: 1
      l start to play before about 7 days ,and l already decide to quit,l start with 26 $ +20 $ bonus deposit.
      I play tourneys,especially in last 3 days,from that l can tell this game is far from real,crazy thing happens,l think l can write a book or make a movie about situation in game,for example l have 7 2 and im big blind l check ,only 1 guy call ,coz blind became high,floop A 7 2, turn 7 river 10 guy have 10 10,l mean thats nothing special,that is only 1 situation and l can tell 100 more only in last 3 days,generator really suck in game,its just too obvious,2 or 3 payers call and generator give 5 crazy cards,1st player have flush, 2nd three same ,3rd full house ,thats just impossible,u have good cards ,and on floop u have 2 pair ,but other guy raise and u think ,,bluff,, but NO he have better cards then u ,call his raise and u will see,almost nobody bluff coz we play for real cash,far different from zunga and far more worst generator and l thought zunga is unreal ,in 4 game 1 game or 2 will be unreal,thats all from me,l will probably play 3 more tourneys coz l have ticket and thats all....goodluck to everyone btw my english is bad :D
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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 37,870
      Hello kajtez

      Welcome on the PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      Looks like you’re not happy with PokerStars, but I expect it can happen on other sites as well.
      Off course you can always try that out with 1 of our free money offers. This way you can try other sites out for free.

      If you have any questions after my post don’t hesitate to ask them.

      Best regards,
    • CuietErik
      Joined: 27.07.2008 Posts: 2
      Welcome to variance :) :f_thumbsup:
    • 8runo
      Joined: 17.05.2015 Posts: 653
      The way the human brain works, its easy to perceive things that aren't there.

      Can I recommend that you download equilab (free) and play around with hands and you will see that "crazy" situations really aren't quite as crazy as we perceive them to be.

      In the example you have given,
      Preflop you had a 12% chance of winning (assuming you are only playing against 1 opponent - if you add in other opponents, your equity falls) and your opponent has 88% equity.
      You have a great flop which boosts your equity to something like 75%. That sounds a lot, but if you break it down, it means that if you play the hand 4 times, you will expect to win 3 and expect your opponent to win 1. AT this stage it is not "crazy" if your opponent wins that 1 in 4.
      By the turn you are in a really strong position and have about 95% equity. However that still means that your opponent can expect to win 1 time in 20, still not "crazy" if he does go on to win, as he in fact did.

      1 time in 20 means that if you play 20 situations such as that, you should expect to lose 1. If you play 200 situations like that, you should expect to lose 10. By the time you play 2,000 situations like that, you should expect to lose 100!! It keeps happening, as it should.

      I know it can seem tough when you're starting out, but you need to embrace it, understand it and ultimately you can beat it. The "variance" is irrelevant if you are playing within your bankroll - sometimes it will go in your favour, sometimes it will go against you, but if you play enough hands, then there will be no luck/variance, it will all balance out.

      Think of the hands you lost when you were ahead, and compare the odds to the number of hands you played it probably doesn't seem quite as crazy if you analyse it properly. :)