Merging bankrolls and switching sites

    • Freaky304
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      before I joined PS I played alot on stars, but i went broke their and started to search for some poker lessons and ended up here among others.

      Now I have a bankroll on CDPoker, Titan (PS sponsored), Party (PS sponsored), Full Tilt, PKR, a few left dollars on stars and maybe some other leftovers on random sites (I would have to check).

      Offcourse this isn't really easy so I want to merge those bankrolls. PS has proven to me to have the best learning material and I really want to start climbing in the levels.

      Like i said my PokerStrategy accounts are on Titan and Party but I would like to play on stars.. can I play on stars and still collect ponts for my ranking here or do i have to take the alternative and merge my bankrolls on titan.
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