SSS finally looking up

    • dadude77
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      I had had problems sticking to the SHC for SSS and folding down hands like AK on a draw full board because since I was getting bored not playing many hands, I didn't want to put one down when it had taken so long to get one!...

      After losing most of my bankroll I decided to strictly follow the SSS to the bone. Well that was the goal, I still call some things i shouldn't and occasionally limp in with small pocket pairs in late position. But still much closer to the SSS than i'd been before. and now almost 2k hands in, I am at 8.75BB/100 and feeling good, and much more calm and disciplined.

      Might not seem like a GREAT success, but was a turning point for me, and I'm hoping it will be the first of many posts in this "our successes" thread :D
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    • SoyCD
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      Great to hear dadude77 :)

      Nothing is as satisfying as seeing hard work being paid off. Continue working on yourself and your game and you will surely climb even higher.

      Good luck at the tables!