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Poker popunders on free porn sites?

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    • Coreprime
      Joined: 24.06.2007 Posts: 368
      hi !

      Learn the basic stuff very good, its the most important. odds+outs, potodds,equity, etc.
      There are a ton of good articles and books for basics and the basics never get outdated.
      Do not watch too many videos and dont watch videos that are produced for way higher stakes than your own, they will do more damage than good to your game.
    • alonohara
      Joined: 06.03.2011 Posts: 3,841
      Originally posted by TheRock1978
      What's your nr.1 tip for a newbie?
      read this:

    • NutzAreOk
      Joined: 28.01.2011 Posts: 7,409
      Couple good comments above, especially from Coreprime. Important to learn the basics first.

      Read articles, watch videos, play, read and watch videos again, play, play some more, discuss about the game and hands with other players, posts hands on forum. Repeat and try to learn as much as you can and use your knowledge while playing. Try to do best possible decision at every single hand and every single street.
    • Owl64
      Joined: 28.08.2007 Posts: 96
      Learn a strategy how to exploit particular player. When you are sure you know how to win money from him, move on to the next player (it would be good to win that money too).

      Rinse, repeat.

      I'll even give you an example:

      There is that fish who raises almost every hand and if checked to on the flop and turn - pushes. You learn that you can beat him by calling preflop with AQ+ TT+ and check/call his pushes when you have at least a pair.

      Then you learn you can beat a nit by stealing his blinds, stealing pots and folding to his aggression.
      You improved again.

      After a long or short time (depending on your learning and applying speed) you will learn how to beat most of the players at your stake.
      Then you move up and repeat the process.

      OR you stay and rub money on titties.
    • ontherivervv
      Joined: 08.07.2015 Posts: 12
      I don't know I'm learning a lot but the fifth card is an Ace vs mine KK vs AA