yesterday there were technical issues during the evening which caused a lot of players to get disconnected from the software during tournaments, i wasnt able to log in for quite some time not pc and not from tablet.....they said we are resolving issues,etc.... the tourney was sunday major 20$ 800$+ up top and after i could connect back in i have lost 60% of stack due to some players were connected faster and they were stealing blinds from sitouted players, there is no was otherwise 10 orbits go by in less than 10 minutes, i was ripped of a above average stack, and ofc i busted less than 20 places before the bubble, and i know i wasnt the only one, the line for support was more than 50 people........................

This is trully ridiculus, if a site has techicall issues they NEED TO PAUSE THE TOURNAMENTS until they resolve their shitty software issues, MTT is is not a cash game!!!!!

I hope there are so PP reps on this forum to see this because i really had it with this retarded site that should have closed 5 years ago. some party indeed!

If there were some of PS members experiencing the same shit write to them i know i wasnt alone in that disconnect issue bullshit , demand your buyins back because its the only fair thing they can do is to refund players,if they cant provide stable and safe software they can just close their door today and go play in the sandbox with their weeners if not bye bye party 4 ever , and no other provider will save its outdated ass, if they are bought by some poor soul its red numbers guaranteed .