Hi, im new.

    • JSanclemente
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      I started playing poker because a friend of mine has been playing for almost a year now and insisted that I should give it a try... so I did.

      I started with $50 on some software and somehow managed to get to $210 at nl4. After that I learned about rakeback, pokerstrategy, and some other pokerschools and really started to read articles and try to improve my game.

      Getting to 210 took me about a month, the next month I didnt have much time to play due to exams and such, but my roll kept moving up slowly and now I am at about $300 which is pretty good given that I only started with 50 and never went broke.

      Anyway, thats a little about my poker "career" and I really love this site, visit it every day!
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello JSanclemente and welcome to the forums!

      Its good to see you have taken a first step by posting, and I hope to see you around the boards more frequently in the future. Especially the hand evaluation boards (Fixed-Limit / No-Limit / SNG) are a great place to work on your game :)

      Good luck at the tables!