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    • rhegar
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      I want to deposit on a new poker site and was thinking of 888. I read very good reviews on a few sites, but not so good on forums. my question is : is it worth it? taking the deposit bonus also into consideration. As a micro stakes player what chances you have of clearing the deposit bonus? is the rake really that bad? Some opinions would really help me, especially from people who play there. I also live in the UK ,(I am not sure if it matters or not).
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey rhegar,

      People rarely post good reviews about any poker room. The only people who post are people who have had problems (sometimes of their own doing), so this can make rooms look bad although the vast majority have no problems.

      888 have had some connectivity problems lately, but they are aware and working on it.

      I don't really have any knowledge about how hard it would be to clear a FDB. It would largely depend on stakes, volume and even style of play.


    • Marius19810513
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      who is better pokerstars or party poker?
    • rompas
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      Hi Marius,

      Welcome to pokerstrategy, hope you will enjoy and have fun here :f_thumbsup: , i think the answer at your question depends little bit at what games and stakes you play+ what is important for you at a poker room, in general more people like pokerstars but maybe thats not the best place to start play as new to poker, why dont you take some time to [URL=]Introduce yourself! and we can try to help you find a good room for you.

      if you have any questions , dont hesitate to ask and our team will try help you as best we can

      Good luck and enjoy here.

    • Zanardi1
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      Originally posted by Lazza61
      888 have had some connectivity problems lately, but they are aware and working on it.
      Actually, their connectivity problems date as far as one year-18 months. This is why I switched to Stars.

      Other than that, 888 is a very juicy room. Full of fish at the micros. If you play cash games, FR, the road will stop after you beat NL10, because at higher levels there will be 5-6 tables max.