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Random Drug Testing in Poker?

  • Poll
    • Do you think drugs should be banned in poker?

      • 17
      • 3
        Yes. Only performance enhancing
      • 2
        Yes. Performance enhancing and recreational
      Total: 22 Votes
  • 9 replies
    • mattyvx
      Joined: 15.04.2015 Posts: 493
      so drugs are +EV - i knew it!
    • amiina9100
      Joined: 21.01.2011 Posts: 33
      Smoking at the table was ok once upon a time, drugs are next :f_drink:
    • PokarFace
      Joined: 19.11.2013 Posts: 50
      Lol, what!? This is the most nonsense rule ever xD
    • alonohara
      Joined: 06.03.2011 Posts: 3,841
      ya man, no gruds, ops brugs, ops drugs ya

      :Kc: :Kc: :Kc: :Kc: :Kc: :Kc: :Kc: :Kc: :Kc: :Kc: :Kc:

    • SPeedFANat1c
      Joined: 04.01.2009 Posts: 5,150
      I copy the comment which I wrote after the article:

      in online poker its impossible to test. But for live - on one hand when I watch tv, I want to see people on drugs :) I want the stories how they kill themselves with drugs :)
      but if I do not want to kill myself, I have less edge because of being tired.

      How to solve this problem - do not make so long tournament sessions. Make bigger breaks so players could rest.
    • Tinsley15
      Joined: 18.07.2013 Posts: 234
      I doubt that there are many people ,on this forum for example, and in general, whose main income is by playing live poker. I am microstakes player and my opinion is not that valid maybe, but i always looked at live scene like smh you do when you want to take a break and relax from serious online grind and hours spent in front of computer screen. Main purpose of live poker is to have fun, and visit foreign countries by playin live, part of that freedom that ol grinders mention. So, i have read that some guys use coke, and all kind of mixtures playin ol. and for me that is perfectly fine, they can lick frogs, eat mushrooms, do whatever they want and no one can pervent that. It looks like this thread somehow is tryin to push poker in someway towards sport like some Olyimpic discipline, which poker is certanly not and is never gonna be.

      edit: Also one thing that makes me puke is when i see that ol poker players make smknd list odf"healthy doings" that corelates with ol poker. For example:

      1. gonna drink banana shake early in the morning
      2. grind for 2 hours
      3. lift weights
      5. walk a dog
    • mattyvx
      Joined: 15.04.2015 Posts: 493
      healthy body > healthy mind :f_biggrin:

      I guess those fitness kind of activities are more important if you are a pro grinder, you need to break from the comp, get out & have another interest other than poker i guess
    • volteros1
      Joined: 02.08.2015 Posts: 2
      Smoking could be allowed, drugs no!:f_drink:
    • booomm
      Joined: 22.03.2011 Posts: 677
      banning drugs/random testing will discourage so many recreational players, it can't be +EV for anyone.