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[NL2-NL10] nl10 K9o CO

    • Kanitchet
      Joined: 28.06.2008 Posts: 5
      ------- First truly sorry about not convert hand, I alreday try but not successful,this hand come from microgaming client there is no converteor around I even try to change a hand history and insert in convertor on the internet same format as full tilt and stars but not succesful, sorry for not convert here-------

      ** Hand # 2296131529 starting - 2008-12-03 22:41:06
      ** Bellingham [Hold 'em] (0.05|0.10 NL - Cash Game) Real Money

      THN31 sitting in seat 1 with $14.03
      irie24_7 sitting in seat 2 with $14.78
      tianrong sitting in seat 3 with $15.29
      vladimirpene sitting in seat 4 with $5.89
      Kondai sitting in seat 5 with $3.80
      cruiksie sitting in seat 6 with $11.01[Dealer]
      THN31 posted the small blind - $0.05
      irie24_7 posted the big blind - $0.10

      ** Dealing cards to Kondai: Kd, 9c
      tianrong folded
      vladimirpene called - $0.10
      Kondai called - $0.10
      cruiksie folded
      THN31 called - $0.10
      irie24_7 checked

      ** Dealing the flop: 3s, Kh, 10d
      THN31 checked
      irie24_7 bet - $0.40
      vladimirpene raised to $0.80
      Kondai folded
      THN31 folded
      irie24_7 folded
      vladimirpene mucks:
      vladimirpene wins $1.54 from the main pot

      My style is Tight-Loose/Aggressive-Passive lol
      it depend on dynamic of the table and my emotion.
      This time I play micro-stake/short-hand/short-stack game with buyin $4,this is seventh hand.

      vladimirpene is very aggressive but seem like he new to the game, he play trash limp/min-raise almost every hand and nothing interesting in showndown. I thought he may hold K,10 or 10,3 or K with lower kicker than me and straight draw. but sure not KJ+ because he seem like to raise every two face card such as QJ+ and nice sutied or connector. Since there are bet and raise in front me I decided to fold, but when Irie folded his hand (he may pairs of ten with weak kicker or low pocket pairs) I think I may win this hand, at that moment I through this guy is aggressive he may bet another barrel at the turn with the pot is big that may be lead me to pot commit if turn and river give a blank. I just lose only 0.10 then I fold.

      How about you opinion ? Is this bad fold? or should I call the flop and see what he wil do on the turn because I got position.

      Thank you
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