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First 3 months FL with PS

    • 13BlackCats
      Joined: 16.08.2008 Posts: 356
      Hi all,

      I started playing online about a year ago, first on NL with play money on Full Tilt for months then deposited $50 to have a go at 'the real thing' =NL 0.10/0.20, did ok but not great and tried FL 0.25/0.50 by curiosity.
      Realised FL was much more profitable for me and looked online for anything that could improve my game, came across PS (almost sign up first to TonyG pokerschool :rolleyessmile and enjoyed it right away.

      Been grinding Titan FL 0.25/0.50 tables up to BR=$300 (don't stone me to death smile I had to skip the 0.10/0.20 limit after few days cause I was used to 0.25/0.50, couldn't stand the looseness and playing to win 50 cents per hour).

      Then moved up to FL 0.50/1 and meant to post a thread when I proudly reached $500 but my BR went up over $600 so fast I decided I'd make a nice thread for my $1000 instead .

      I'm now on $887! Just started to play FL FR 1/2 and will switch to FL SH 0.25/0.50 very soon...

      Was missing being able to post hand, check my stats and my opponent's because I wasn't admnistrator of the computer so no download of software . Got a new laptop two weeks ago, and Pocker Tracker is on since yesterday! So you will see me again very shortly on the sample hands forum.

      Also I'm tempted to move my BR to a different platform for a tasty bonus or rakeback. Any ideas? (bearing in mind I play Fixed Limit) Any suggestion much appreciated, Thanks.

      That's it for now, I'm going fishing

      Good Luck at the tables See you
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    • 1seednoir1
      Joined: 27.05.2008 Posts: 1,068
      Nice to finally see what progress you've made, Impressive!!!
      I'm still grinding 0.5/1$ FL, and I'm planning on moving to 1/2 very soon since I already have the BR for it. I guess I need to get some more experience first.
      As for the advice you're asking for, I strongly recommend you to move to Pokerstars. They have a lot of action at 1/2FL FR. You won't see that much players at Fullring anywhere else. On top of that, players are loose at 0.5/1FL FR, So I think that the 1/2 won't be too tight to play at. Plus I'd love to play with you few more hands, you know, Like the old days!!!
      I'm also planning on a career at Fulltilt Poker, but still I don't think that the players there at FL FR can beat Pokerstars. Let me know when you take you decision.
      And again I'm looking forward to play with you!!!
    • BaronPocket
      Joined: 07.06.2008 Posts: 4
      Congratulations for that grinding.

      I consider Pstars as the best site. The point reward system ( FPP ) is the best amongs all online sites from my personnal point of view. You can qualify to many big events or buy some very interesting books or valuable items. And much more. Also, there is a monstruously big pool of players at any time of the day.

      But if you want to "hunt" bonuses, then you can get 200% on Mansion Poker if you deposit 300 or less. 100% if you deposit 600.

      Good luck with your grinding.
    • 1seednoir1
      Joined: 27.05.2008 Posts: 1,068
      Mansion and Titan don't differ, it's the same network, meaning that you'll play with the same persons. Plus, there is a lot shhtt you've got to handle before you withdrawal.