• samgamgee
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      I have uninstalled Elephant and then reinstalled it and now it says trial period is finnished .It cant be i only downloaded it yesterday the first time .I thought i made a mistake when i downloaded it the first time so i did it again .Sorry for posting it here but i'm getting no reply in the elephant beta forum .I am having a problem with it not showing the correct balance of the account on the overview tab .I am willing to send a screen shot if you tell me how to upload a word doc to a thread .
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    • Harold1
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      i have been having the same problem with the tab, it shows amounts for a while and then seems to stop calculatiing.
      I look at and i have the same BB $ and hand # count as an hour ago while playing on 4 tables.
      I didnt have the other trouble though with downloading.
      If a moderator does show up, while I'm here, will elephant be working in tournaments?
    • SoyCD
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      Hello samgamgee and Harold1,

      Tournaments are yet to be integrated - but will be in the future. As for the problems with the trial period and the tab I can only say please ask in the Elephant forum. The moderators there have much more experience with common problems than I do :)


      Best regards