Playing a 10k gtee going to write a little blog of all the hands i played and my progression in the tourney if any!!

Username - Vixmckay - my mums acc
Website - Betfred
Buy in $11
Runners 1060

So far im on the 3rd hand. No flops or hands played yet

4th hand a-4 suited - good position raised 3 times the blind to 60. One caller. Flop was 10 q 4 he bet half pot i felt was weak called turn 8 two checks river 8 i checked he bet just over half pot i called sensing weakness and won he had a-k current stack 1975

6TH Hand 1 pot played - Runners - 1060

12Th hand - A Little card dead not really hitting much just being patient still sitting on 1975

13th hand - Little unlucky - had 55 limped in good position called a raise with a player so we were heads up - flop 5-a-q rainbow flop was laughing when i saw the flop. i bet just over half the pot he raised so i pushed he flopped a set of queens taking my stack down to 355. :(

Hand 17 - bb folded- current stack - 325

18 sb fold k-3 suited

Hand 20 - folded a-j 5 callers of 40 didnt feel was the right time to push and missed the flop dodged a couple of big hands

Hand 23 - feeling as if i am getting nowere in this tourney tottally card dead

829 runners left

hand 26 - ak pushed typically missed the flop what a shite tourney sorry about the poor result not very interesting!!