Hi team,

I am playing at Pokerstars (untracked) and PartyPoker. I want ONLY get my hands played at Party Poker imported.

However, each time that I start the Elephant (current version 0.65, but all previous versions to 0.61) OR when I start Pokerstars while Elephant is active, Elephant will disregard the site setting and always add "Pokerstars" to the site list & the "automatic import" list.

I then go to the "Site Settings" and/or "Automatic Import and just again delete the Pokerstars entry ... but sometimes import has already started and I have to clear the DB and re-import all Poker Party hands ... not too nice to do!

I would be very happy, if that behavior could be changed:
Instead of the delete button, I would rather like a "toggle" button that I can set different poker rooms either active or inactive.

This should then also be regarded with the HUD display: I don't want HUD in Pokerstars, and it is annoying that I always have to disable HUD manually.

Thus a portal "disabled" (or as is: "deleted") should not trigger the HUD!

Finally, I would rather see in the "Player & Portals Filter" some information about the number of hands that are stored in the DB - PRIOR to having that "record" selected [and even better, would be "sample size", and the 4 beginners classification listed for each record in the selection list...]

Otherwise: thanks for the nice program and continue to improve it!