best way to deal with large antes is:attack,attack,attack!

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      just rereading gus hansons book and must say its 1 of my fav.i try to implement the content into my game but can sometimes just stupidly throw chips away when its obv that im beat!but apart from that i gota say i agree with gus.your never gona win a tourny if you dont steal and be agrresive!my biggest weakness is not giving other aggressive players credit or donkey calling station calling with ace high(i had q high but thats not the point!) heres wat happend im on the button with qj off stack 2900 hijack raises to 300 stack 5000 i call flop 893 rainbow he bet almost pot (not always but i see this as a sign of weakness especialy from an agrressive player so i pop him with my inside st8 and2overs draw and he calls with ace 10 no qj or 10 and im out.Feed back would be greatly apreciated
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