Should I participate in the BR challenge?

    • kerith
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      Hi all! For the last weeks I have been looking to videos and articles, playing some hands with some free and play money, and I am finding that I love the game, almost as much as I love learning it.

      I still consider myself an absolute beginner, I have played about 500 hands in 5NL on, nowhere near the volume to ger comfortable even with the most basic strategy (I like to make sure I have a rock-solid stepping stone below me before building up on it). So I am boing to get an initial 40€ bankroll with a 20€initial deposit on Stars, as a tuition fee.

      I consider that money spent, don't expect to get any profit from it, but I'd like to take it as far as I can, starting from 2NL.

      The point is , I think that setting a BR challenge could improve my motivation to get better, and honestly it sounds like tons of fun. However, being a total beginner, getting from 40€ to 1000€ seems ridiculously hard to make...

      Should I join?

      Any advice would be appreciated :)

      May you always get the nuts on the river.
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