how much rakebak?- answer and help!

    • argentinos13
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      how much rakeback can earn someone who sits at 4-5 tables for about 5 hours a day supposing he's a rock player? Anyone plays like that?- or else write down some of ur personal stats ;)

      *since FT uses the shared rake method, i'd like to know if its better than the contributed
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    • alejandrosh
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      what limit do you play? do you play bigstack/shortstack? SH? FR? In my opinion you can try one day see how many SP you did multiply by 0.945 ((SP/2)*0,27*7) and there's your rakeback (or something close to it)
    • argentinos13
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      sorry i didn't make it clear:
      most poker rooms have contributed rake: rake taken from winner/ players who participate in pot
      FT has share method: even if u folded pre flop rake distributes equally to all
      that means that if u r a rock player and play in a loose table u will earn money from the action of others!

      thats the reason an answer from a tight player will help ;)
      (suppose micro limits 0,10-0,25 & 0.25-0.5)
    • slikec
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      For rocks shared rake system is for sure better because you play less hands so you should pay less rake than average so you gain more rake back;)
    • Zheelvern
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      These are approximate rakes per hour for 6 tables shorthanded / 8 tables full ring at FTP. I've never played higher than NL100 there so I can't speak for upper limits.

      NL10 - $3-$5 per hour
      NL25 - $7-$10 per hour
      NL50 - $13-$16 per hour
      NL100 - $15-$25 per hour