• wegcarol
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      This is my first thread/post here

      I am from Brazil and have been playing poker for less than 3 months.

      My husband plays regularly and he infected me with the poker addiction.

      I really love the game and found this site very interesting and promising to improve the game.

      I have started with the $50 BR from pokerstrategy and have also deposited $50 to see if I can get the 100% bonus from the website.

      My wish is to improve my game and eventually win some cash on the side.

      Best wishes to all and good holidays!

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    • ClayRaver
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      Hiya there :) Good luck at the tables all the best. Keep up with all the new video coaching and the articles they all help!
    • vhallee
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      Hello wegcarol,

      Since you mentioned you would like to improve your game and thus win some money, I suggest you take a look at our Strategy Articles, where you will find all you need. Make sure you read and learn the strategies presented there and also watch some videos from our Video Section, to see how you should play in specific situations.

      You said you are from Brazil, so in case you would like to meet some fellow players, you should go to our Social Network and join a group with similar interests. The first example would be joining our English Community Group.

      As you also mentioned this is your first post, I recommend you read our Forums and maybe you will like some of the threads there, be it poker-related or fun and off-topic.

      Best regards,
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Carol,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy. We're all very friendly here and always willing to help each others game, whatever the level.

      Take your time going through the strategy material and don't be afraid of posting any questions you have.

      There are some good/fun threads too to look through.

      Welcome, see you in the forum/at the tables soon & good luck :)

      (from England)