Bankroll gone... again

    • Berzerger
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      I don't deserve gold status. Should have seen it coming somehow, I lost $250 in less than a week. My normal $5.50 SnG limit made me go down to about $100 in three days. Like someone just doesn't want me to win. Nothing works, not even beginners' SnG's. Went down to $40 playing lower limit SnG's, then just switched to cash games. And now I lost my very last NL10 buy-in with QQ against AA. I'm seriously considering quitting poker. Either it's rigged, or downswings make good play worthless. Either way, I can't make any profit, no matter what I do or how I play. How can I keep believing the strategy works if I keep losing money with it? I'm really desperate now...
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    • yaxkukmian
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      - take 1 week off (no poker in any form; no thinking about hands, position, betting,...)
      - after that read poker articles (take 3 days instead in one shot)
      - start playing 4-6 tables
      - play supertight to gain your confidence back (don't call when you know you're beat - NO "maybe I can get this draw")

      My story: got $50, played badly and in few weeks it was only around 5$ left. I said no more poker for me. After 1 month I registrated for bronze freeroll and actually won it and 150€. After that I actually read all the articles about cash game and in 3 weeks I was on 600€. It was an upswing but even after 200$ one-day-tilt downswing I didn't crushed cuz my game improved and I knew it.

      Now I started with sngs and the results are not so bad on $1 :P Now the expectations are not so big, because I know my limits and I actually see my progress. Too much pressure is the main reason - everything is in the head!

      Find some good nonpoker books to read, go out with friends, do some sports,...just no poker for a while and when u come back (after u read all the articles) everything will be ok.

      Take care and good luck :D
    • Solomaextra
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      Very good suggestion by yaxkukmian to get a week off and then read many articles, it works so good for me, I start thinking logically, don't tilt and I notice that after some days off and reading articles my profit is always high, always.
    • jonnyjm
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      how deffensive is your BRM? maybe a more deffensive approuch to your BR may help? maybe you moving up limits to quick or arnt droping down quick enough?
      A player is only as big as there BR any player who fell a certain limit is "bellow" them then there ego is seting them up for a fall.
    • Berzerger
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      Thanks for the good advice, I think I'll take some time off from poker, I've spent my last two weekends on it. Maybe a few nights out with friends can get me happy again. I usually follow the BRM described in the articles, but I probably drop down too late when it comes to SnG. It's hard to lose more than 10 in a row on a limit that I usually beat with ease. Not that I have much choice now, since I only have like 4 dollars left. I'll just spend the following week trying to get it out of my head...

      Edit: Just thought I'd give you a taste of what I had to swallow for the past week, finishing with yesterday's most remarkable hands. After 20 minutes, I've been knocked out (2nd time) out of a $1 R/A tourney. Only 150 participants, but they've been pushing and rebuying almost every single hand. One time I called a push from the button with ATs, only to be busted by some fish with T9 because surprise surprise, he caught a nine. After a rebuy, I waited a long time, the blinds were 40/80 by that time, limped with QJ, and got top 2 with 2-suited board in a multi-way pot. A renown fish bets right into me, I push, he calls and flips T5:spade: with absolutely nothing but a flush draw. And the river was... hey, a spade!

      But that's not the worst part. The absolutely last game I played yesterday, $1 SnG, I got up to 2k chips, a shortstack pushes, I re-push to beat him heads-up and another fish calls from SB with... KQ:club: . Shortstack had A7. Flop: KT4 rainbow, 1 :club: . Not only did the turn come Q:club: , but just to rub it in, he rivered out another :club: