Hello All!

    • Dionysis
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      Hey Everyone!

      My online handle is Dionysis :) and I have been playing Poker for over four years; mostly Texas Hold Em. I discovered this site from the old PGS.PokerStrategy team from Counter-Strike 1.6

      The articles on this website have definitely helped me become more successful and they offer a great offer to start your online poker career. I can definitely say I am alot more successful @ Live Games then Online.

      That's all from me! GL and HF!
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    • SoyCD
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      Hey Dionysis and 'welcome back'

      The PGS.PokerStrategy team is from quite a long time ago :) - what have you been up to since then? Still playing actively?

      We have more than just articles (the ones from back then are being re-done and changed) but also regular live coachings, videos and professional hand evaluations. If you are still playing - I'd definitely recommend stopping by here more often - as we have a lot to offer :)

      In case you no longer want to play at Full Tilt but still move up in status you can of course also check out our various first deposit bonuses on the "home" page.

      Best regards