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Hello all new freinds!

    • larkar
      Joined: 26.11.2006 Posts: 1
      My nick is Larkar. Im from Sweden and I joined this site several months ago but i didn´t finish the Q´s until a little more then a week ago. I signed up at Mansions and I´ve been lucky with my 50 bucks. Managed to make them into 1200$ in less then a week (and become a gold member at pokerstrat.). I find this site very helpfull to improve my game. I preferably play mtt or sng. I have not got the patient for playing nl cashgames. You find so many bluffers on those tables and I have not yet learned how to take an advantage of that. I always seem to go broke on bad beats when calling down a bully. So I stick to tourneys where there isn´t so common to get your butts kicked by a maniac raising all in preflop with 72o against my AA. Even though it happends there as well.

      I want to improve my skills in adopting to other play styles and I have found some intresting articles about that. I also think that the videos are very helpfull. I have tried to install the elephant but it dosen´t seem to work on my tables. (I got the stats though) So if there is any mercyfull soul out there with the knowledge, I´d be very happy if you could send me a PM on how to get started properly.

      Thanks for reading

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    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello larkar and welcome to the forums :)

      Although I can only congratulate you on your fast path from $50 to $1,200 - I need to speak a word of warning. You will go broke just as quickly if you don't adjust your bankroll management.

      Patience and bankroll management are simply two of the most important aspects of being a successful poker player and making as many StrategyPoints and moving up so quickly in a short amount of time is more or less only possible if you disregarded bankroll management. Because we want to help our members become long-term and not just short-term winners - I highly advise you to study that aspect of the game more.

      I'd also recommend you visit some of the coachings: and that you get involved in Strategy discussion on the forum. Aside from watching videos - those two mediums are probably among the most useful in helping you work on adjustment to playing styles.

      Best regards
    • dallievas
      Joined: 30.11.2007 Posts: 822
      Hi Larkar,
      Welcome. :) Wow .. what a success.I'm a bit jealous. :) Maybe you start your blog and reveal your secrets.Ah those swedes,maybe they have some extra poker genes or can look in monitor and see blue eyes of opp. :D .This man caused me insomnia for one night.
      From 110k to ???$
      Good luck :)