soycd, can you help me please? ;-)

    • ukcoolcat
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      as i'm having a little trouble with my account at pacific with regard to start capital, would it be possible, now i have opened an account, to have my start capital issued to mansion(not overly keen on pacific anyway ;) not enough traffic).

      as it's now been a week since i passed the test, i am keen to get a look at the material you have when i receive the first step up to bronze, i.e. the start capital!

      i hope you aren't getting the impression i'm being angry, i simply get frustrated by problems that are beyond my control, especially as i've complied with instructions given, thanks
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    • SoyCD
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      Hey ukcoolcat,

      Im sorry for the difficulties with your starting capital - but I'm afraid there is little I can do to speed up the process. All I can do is tell you that if you have created a successfully tracked account - you will receive the starting capital (that much is sure)

      The next steps are - that the support have to initiate the transfer to Mansion. To make sure they do this - reply to your original ticket and tell them that your new choice of poker room is Mansion and include your new account name in the ticket.

      They will then send a new transfer request to Mansion. Since its once again Friday and I know that Mansion doesn't actually do transfers over the weekends - I am afraid you will once again have to do some waiting.

      I do hope however that it will go as quickly as possible :o

      Best regards