Pocket pairs in the early stages

    • Freaky304
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      The SHC says call to call with pp 22-99 but I have the feeling i'm losing money on this, the 99 I can live with but the smaller like 22-66 the chance of flopping a set isn't that great, so with almost every raise post flop you have to fold losing your called chips.

      Isn't it better to raise or fold depending on your own table image and the players at your table?
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    • grummeler
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      in the early stages of the tournaments you use your low pairs to dubble up or lose just a few chips.
      raising is a mistake bacause it wont thin the field so you have to hit your set anyway.
      so limp/call or coldcall a small raise is much better.
      and you should only use it when the danger of beeing reraised behind you is quite low.
      be aware that your stack and the stack of your opponent is about 15-20 times the raise so your implied odds compensate your losses.

      you will often have to fold when you dont hit your set.
      but in 1 out of 8 or 9 times you will hit your set and get a real big pot.

      so you will lose often, but when you lose you lose justa few, and when you win you might dubble up threw an AK or high pair.
    • cannell555
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      Hi Freaky304,

      In the early stages, play your PP only when you have implied odds. Don't play them out of position. Beware of aggressive raisers that are still to act.

      Which SHC are you looking at? People keep mentioning a MTT SHC, which i'm unaware of. I've never seen a MTT SHC, and if I did, I would completely ignore everything it says tbh. Only play MTT's when you are comfortable with your game on a whole imo.

    • Hlynkinn
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      I think it's 2 out of 15 (1/7.5) times or something that you'll hit a set... So just limp 22+... since well 1bb gone if you don't hit but if you hit your gonna play for stacks :)

      Don't play them out of position.

      tbh I like to limp 22+ from utg on my limit... atleast at the first blind levels 10/20 15/30.... since well players aren't raising to much and if they raise... well 1bb goner :) ... higher limits like $50 mtt's I believe limping 22 utg won't be as successful since players are more aware what they're doing post flop.
    • Freaky304
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      @ cannel, I play the with the sng charts with the difference that i'm a little bit more loose in Mtt because you have some more chips that give you a little bit more room to limp in a hand once in a while in the early stages.If there is a MTT chart i've not yet seen it ;)

      and @ the rest thanks I won't lose faith then and be a good boy and just call with the small pocket pairs ;)
    • faz182
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      Yeah you just wanna be limping here with small pairs. Especially in low buyin tournies - a raise doesnt thin the field, it just sweetens the pot.

      As to calling a raise, you need to be looking at the implied odds. Its about 7.5 - 1 to hit your set, so you only want to be calling raises if they have about 10 times their raise left in their stacks or more. (this is to account for the times where you hit but either get beaten or dont get paid off).

      Position isnt really that important, as if you do hit a set is strong enough to play out of position.

      Although, if it gets folded round to you in late its maybe worth a raise to try and take it down there and then, because small pairs work best in multi way pots with lots of limpers, and you lose a lot of implied value if theres only a few left in the hand.