Last May/June, I had Elephant installed on my computer. After the trial ended I just used it to review my hands and then post them in the forum.

Last October I had some severe computer problems, after which I uninstalled quite a lot of software and clean my system. I wasn't using Elephant as much anymore, so I uninstalled it.

Now that I moved up some limits, I wanted to fully used stats again, and knowing I will soon get the license for Elephsant, I wanted to reinstall it.

Then the troubles came, so I followed all deinstallation guides (just translated them from German to Dutch...). And tried again, to no avail.

I get an error message that the installation programme wants to find data on a CD...

On the Dutch forum they suggested to post here. They suggested it might be a registry related problem (which I regularly clean using CCleaner and Windows System Care).

I really want to start using Elephan, instead of buying HoldemManager, hence the extensive post. Hope someone can help me find a solution.